Has the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show lost it's appeal?

The annual Victoria's Secret's fashion show is scheduled for today in New York City and will be on aired on TV this December but this has led people to wonder, why does VS keep holding this multi-million dollar underwear event when the ratings continue to plummet?

The source mentions that their ratings have sunk year after year and regular consumers no longer resonate or care to watch 'supermodels' strut across the stage, which leads many to analyst to wonder why the company continues to hold the show.

Last year's VS Fashion show in China took a 30% hit, sinking below the network's re-airing of 'Rudolph'.

Consumers have also criticized Victoria's Secret for what they feel is a lack of diversity among its cast of models, poor-quality lingerie, and limited sizing.

Do you think think VS has lost their appeal ONTD?