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Funko Announces: A LOT Of New Disney Merchandise

Well, over the past few days, Funko has been very busy with the Mouse House, from Animated Classics, to Super Heroes, to the television side, so let's get started;

Have a Marvel Movie Moment with Thor fighting Thanos - and the Infinity Gauntlet in a case!

Just in time for the live action movie in seven months, here are some more Aladdin Pops, including an "A Whole New World" moment! There's mystery minis, plushies, and keychains at the source;

Do you like that Genie? Do you wish it glowed? Well, Funko gives exclusives to local comic book shops to help out business.

These are exclusives to your local comic book stores! Genie glows, Snow doesn't!

And finally, nearly three years to the day where an Ask Funko chat let it slip...Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Star's Butterfly Form (Yellow) is Hot Topic Exclusive.
Coming, finally, in December.


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