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Claes Bang joins the final season of The Affair

[Behind a cut because just his character description is kind of a big spoiler tbh]- He's playing Sasha Mann, a "charismatic, A-list movie star"

- "As Helen's love interest this year, Sasha's minimalistic lifestyle and objectivist way of thinking will influence how she lives her own life in the wake of a personal loss" (so uh...I guess that means Vik dies??? Then what was the point of dragging out his story and of having Sierra be pregnant with his baby?? and good God the last thing these selfish characters need is an Objectivist hanging around lmao)
- He was in The Square and The Girl in the Spider's Web and a bunch of other stuff

- It's the final season; obviously Ruth Wilson's not coming back and Joshua Jackson isn't a series regular, but possibly a guest star

This is nearing Gilmore Girls S7 levels of 'what's the point.'
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Tags: casting / auditions, european celebrities, television - showtime, the affair (showtime)

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