ONTD Original: thank u, next (shade of brown)

Recently Twitter has been calling out white Instagram models for playing up the "racially ambigious" role. They darken their skin, overline their lips and change their hair to look like women of color. Here are some offenders:




We can also see this phenomenon in the Entertainment industry with Ariana Grande, The Kardashians and Jesy Nelson from Little Mix, being the most notable cases. One can't help but wonder how much money these women spend on spray tan and if they stain all of their clothes and sheets.

Jesy Nelson from Little Mix
Miss Balegdah herself, Jesy Nelson is 100% white despite her convincing jamaican accent and stunning island glow. She's often seen sporting heavily overlined lips, long party city wigs, and drenched in tanning oil. PB&Nelsons glow is so convincing that people often think she's the second WOC in the band instead of actual WOC Jade Thirlwall.


Her natural skin color:

Ariana Grande
Pete Davidson’s never-wife Ariana Grande is an actress, singer, and shockingly, not latina. Despite the heavy tan, recently plumped lips, and rolodex of AAVE influenced twitter comments to keep her hip to the youth, Ariana is 100% mayo. While many argue that "deep tanning" is merely a Cultural Institution amongst italians, op can only say: "thank u, next (bullshit excuse)."

Kylie Jenner
The crown heiress of white women pretending to be black for attention, Kylie Jenner’s transformation from calabasas cornbread to Oakland baddie was likely inevitable given her equally obsessed family.

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