Spice Girls give very first reunion interview

The Spice Girls give an ultra exclusive reunion interview to Emma Bunton's radio show. The girls charisma and wild antics shined through as they spoke about a new album, teased more tour dates and proceeding their 20th anniversary tour without PointLess Spice Victoria Adams. Mel B gave her very own NeNe Leakes I'm very rich bitch moment when asked if the girls were skint, that's why they were doing this tour. The Girls are set to earn $3.5 million each for the UK stadium dates alone. This sum excludes the future world tour endeavors and other stupid shit their manager Simon Fuller has set up for them like that Spice Animated Movie. Spice is very much alive as the girls never lost the magic that made us fall in love with them. They're all elated and ecstatic giving fans what they really really want! Even with one member down, the girls are set to give fans the time of their lives. With Posh out it isn't really a loss cuz all she did was point and pout...they got rid of the dead-weight Pointless Spice.

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