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E.L Katz (director for Channel Zero S4) was surprised how far Syfy let him go


In the new season of series Channel Zero, newlyweds Tom and Jillian discover a door that lets loose Pretzel Jack, a contortionist clown that may or may not be someone from Jillian's past. The director, E.L Katz (Cheap Thrills) assumed t.v wouldn't let him do much in terms of violence, but was pleasantly surprised at how he was accommodated.

"The first death in the script is incredibly violent, and I remember reading it going, ‘Sure, on television, we’ll probably only get away with a couple stabs,’ but that’s not how it turned out.”

Katz shares that he got away with a little bit more gore because some of violence was against non-humans. In the short story, Pretzel Jack, wasn't as fleshed out and a lot of it came in the writer's room.

"In many ways, in bringing him to life onscreen, we had to justify why this creature would be moving like that – he would never be contorting to freak people out, he doesn’t even think about scaring people or being menacing." Katz divulges that Pretzel Jack is only performing for Jillian.

The Dream Door full season is streaming now on Syfy and VOD.


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