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Superheroes that have held Public Office

-From Mayors to Presidents, sometimes being a superhero is just the side job. Here are 3 superheroes who've held public office as we get to voting today.

Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen: Mayor of Star City

-Oliver Queen spent about 16 issues being Mayor of Star City before stepping down after failing to keep his campaign promises. His tv counterpart on Arrow would also go on to become Mayor of Star City in late S4-S6.

Ironman aka Tony Stark: U.S. Secretary of Defense

-After Tony finds out that the US Gov. is using his technology, Tony accepts a position to become Secretary of Defense. It doesnt last that long after Scarlet Witch turns Tony back into a belligerent drunk.

Clark Kent aka Superman: United States President

-Superman has held the presidency on multiple Earths. The one above being Earth 23 where is a very successful President. But there is just something enticing to writers about taking the alien and truly making him the most powerful man in the world.

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Do you like your superheroes to get political or hold positions in public office?
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