Blind Item: Child star anonymously takes to Reddit for legal advice regarding greedy parents

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Someone claiming to be a child star ("not a J Law or Swift, [but] in the public eye") recently posted on /legaladvice two days ago, and since then gossip sites like BG and CDAN have reposted the post in an effort to identify who the child star might be (or, more importantly, how to help the child star out which is the only reason they went to Reddit in the first place).

In replies to comments, the user gave their age as 16 and location as CA and said that their father works in the industry.

Obviously, this could all be complete bullshit and an elaborate hoax, but other gossip sites have reposted it already.

The full text is available at the post, which is still up. but here is an excerpt:

Post Title: My father took all of my money and claims he legally can manage it for me because I'm a minor. In addition, he's spending it on himself.

Location: United States of America, California

I am a minor in the entertainment industry. While certainly not a J Law or Swift, I am in the public eye. I still live with my family. Recently (I don't want to say how recent), I've found success, and am now making more money than my parents combined. This doesn't sit well with them. They aren't poor but also aren't rich, I would consider us an "Upper Middle Class" family not counting my income. As time has gone on and I've found more success and as such made more money, they have become increasingly bitter about it. Last week my father stopped just being bitter.

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ONTD, have you ever had to emancipate yourselves from shitty parents?
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