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Riverdale Roundup: 3x04 Clip, Vanessa's Upcoming Movie, Magic Mike Musical, and More

Watch the teen versions of Riverdale's parents play a game of Griffons and Gargoyles

In this clip for the upcoming movie PIMP, watch as Vanessa Morgan dances for Keke Palmer's pimp character Wednesday.


A writer shared the title and director of episode 3x10 as RAS seems to be taking a break from posting script covers


RAS is working on a Magic Mike musical that will be tested for Broadway. The cast currently consists of Derek Klena, Matt Doyle, Cheyenne Jackson, John Behlmann (a Riverdale actor who played the iconic fake FBI agent, Arthur Adams), Ana Villafañe, Dyllón Burnside, Nick Burroughs, and Heath Calvert



Interview with composer Sherri Chung

-No surprise, Choni doesn't have a musical theme: “Choni doesn’t have a theme yet. It’s something that we haven’t fully developed yet. We’re still developing it, we’re still seeing more of them. And I think as we see more of them, we’re trying to get a sense of who they are and where they’re going and what they’re doing… It’s interesting to see how that’s happening too, as the season goes on.”

-Neither do the Serpents: “I could not hum you the Serpents’ theme because there is not one, but there are certain sounds that are always [with] them. And then of course, in this season the Northside/Southside has all been disbanded, it’s kind of getting rearranged. So we’re coming up with a piece of [new] informing parameters [because] the Serpents aren’t really the same exact thing anymore.”

-This year's overall theme is "swamp goth" according to RAS

-Varchie and Bughead's themes are just full of sweetness and goodness and delicateness

-Tries not to incorporate specific character themes during times when it's a mystery character. So don't try to find clues via the music

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