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Ralph Breaks the Internet directors on Vanellope and the other Disney princesses

The movie's co-director Phil Johnston told the Press Association “Sarah [Silverman] talks about it a lot. She sees sometimes women who try to put on clothes that make them pretty. She’s all about, wear a hoodie and jeans and you’re still beautiful. That message, whether that’s for everyone or not, I think girls hearing that message is really important and Sarah as Vanellope is doing a lot to empower little girls and big girls and guys who can really relate to that character.”

Johnston said that Vanellope wasn't a “traditional Disney princess” but that the others “are all kind of rebels in their own way”.

Co-director Rich Moore added, "He said: “It’s nice to see a princess that isn’t tall and skinny and one that wears comfortable clothes, and is smaller and goofier... It’s great to show that princesses come in all shapes and sizes.”

Executive producer Jennifer Lee also defended the older princesses. “The films represent the time they are made. My favourite Disney film is Cinderella and it’s Cinderella because she helped me, someone who was bullied, say ‘don’t lose your dreams’. You see them for what speaks to you. But they were made in a different era, we’re just making movies in 2018.”


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