Jill Soloway reveals that she tried to get an employee to stay quiet about sexual harassment

  • Jill Soloway, writer, director and creator of Transparent has a new memoir out about her time running the show called She Wants It (this is meant to be a reference to professional success not sexual harassment)

  • In 2017 actress Trace Lysette came forward and revealed that star Jeffrey Tambor had sexually harassed her including telling her he wanted to attack her sexually

  • Tambor quit the show shortly after

  • In her own memoir Soloway reveals that Lysette did her the courtesy of telling her she went to the press with her allegations before they were made public

  • Soloway met her for coffee to pressure her into "keeping it in the family" to protect her "legacy"

  • Soloway thought that Lysette was going to ruin middle America's perception of trans people and make everyone think of them as sexual predators even though Tambor (who played a trans woman on the show) is a cis man and Lysette actually IS a trans woman

  • During their meeting Soloway started crying leading Lysette to tell her to stop since Lysette was the actual victim in this situation and had even said in her statement that she wanted the show to continue

  • In the book Soloway compared herself to Michael from The Godfather (the smart coniving one who takes over the family business) and Lysette to Fredo (the idiot brother who gets whacked)

  • Review drags her for being a clueless pretentious asshole and can't believe she didn't at least try to lie to make herself sound better about how the revelations of sexual assault went down