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Shakira moved to tears as she closes her world tour in her home country

Shakira is ready to go back to her couch in Barcelona, as she finished her successful world tour two days ago. Her first tour after seven years took her to 19 European arenas, stadiums in Turkey and Lebanon, 21 North American arenas and 11 stadiums in Latin America for a total of 54 concerts.

Her last stop was in the capital of her home country, Colombia. After realizing the entire public was singing along to her classic Antología, which she wrote 22 years ago in Bogotá itself, the singer couldn't stop her tears.

More videos of the concert:

[4th of July fireworks]

[Mask dance]

[Amarillo and balloons]

Some highlights of the tour:

- Shakira sold out the famous Estadio Azteca (in Mexico City) within two days, making her the second female artist to sell out the venue. Another date was opened because of overwhelming demand, making her the first female artist in history to add a second consecutive date there.

- She holds the record of having the most concerts in the Miami venue of American Airlines Arena and they were the biggest of the venue this year.

- First artist to perform in Rosario's Estadio Gigante de Arroyito (Argentina) and in the newly renovated Vodafone Park Stadium (Istambul).

So what did Shakira and her band do after, to celebrate the success? Well, get drunk at Carlos Vives' house. Instead of finally giving me a live version of La Bicicleta together.

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Great closing to a tour that almost didn't happen. Now, you can catch her on tour again 10 years from now...
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