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The Simple Life turns 15 this year! That's hot.

-In just under a month The Simple Life will officially be turning 15 years old!

-The hit FOX reality series starred Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie wherein the Society princesses/party girls leave their parties, wardrobes and trust funds behind and move in with a farm family for five weeks to experience life as they have never known it.

-While the series always was planned to star Paris, Nicole Ritchie was originally not part of the series. FOX had wanted Paris' sister Nicky Hilton to be Paris' sidekick but she wasnt open to the idea of putting herself in front of the cameras. After Nicky dropped out they pursued Kimberly Stewart to join Paris before finally settling upon Nicole to join her.

-The series was a hit garnering 13 million viewers throughout its tenure on FOX. After Paris/Nicole had a falling out FOX decided to pull the plug after 3 seasons but since Paris/Nicole signed on for 5, E! picked up the series for 2 seasons. While the ratings took a drastic drop they were still the highest rated series on E! pulling in 1.3 million viewers.

-Season 4 would see the two feuding reality stars doing their own rendition of 'Wife Swap' wherein each would swap out with the wife of the family for a week with the family deciding who made the better "mother". Paris/Nicole would reunite for the 5th and final season for a very staged Camping theme.

-A spin off was attempted with Kelly Osbourne and Kimberly Stewart but ultimately never made it to air after Kelly wasnt willing to participate in the simple every day activities they would have to do.

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Favorite moments from this iconic series?
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