Riverdale Roundup: More 3x04 Stills, Vanessa Likes Shady Tweets, Lili Vents, Colbert Show, and More

Anthony Michael Hall guest stars as Riverdale High's principal back in the 90s. Also, Dilton Doiley's dad Daryl Doiley and Casey looking like a cheap Link cosplayer.


Cole was recently on Stephen Colbert. He talks about having a crush on Jennifer Aniston

Vanessa Morgan took a Twitter break after fans kept harassing her about needing to "get back to work" even though her absence is an issue with the writers rather than any other commitments on her part. And while she's not actively tweeting, she's been liking tweets about how the writers DGAF about her in the wake of yet another absence from filming.

And in related news about cast members venting about filming, Lili posted this little vent on her tumblr about directors asking her to quicken her dialogue



Marisol responds to various fan theories. Her reaction to the idea of Hiram setting up Veronica and Reggie seems rather indicative


Ashleigh was a witch for Halloween

Marisol was Moana

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