Julian McMahon open to appearing in Charmed Reboot

-Julian McMahon who spent 2 1/2 seasons playing resident bad boy demon Cole Turner on the original Charmed has stated that he is open to appearing on the reboot should they ask him.

-While he hasnt seen the new show he is excited that they are revamping the show for a new audience and from he has heard it sounds interesting.

-He still gets recognized for his role on the show every day and Cole has been one of his favorite characters.

-Julian joins another star of the OG, Brian Kruse who is open to appearing on the show. None of the actual original Charmed Ones are interested.

-Dailies from the shows 3rd season have appeared online from episodes All Halliwells Eve and Coyote Piper.

-The 3rd season is famous for the feud between Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano that resulted in Shannen being fired from the show during the shows hiatus.

-There doesnt seem to be any noticeable tension between the two stars in the dailies though both have stated in the past that there were days when Shannen would talk to Alyssa but Alyssa would ignore her and vice versa.

-The Dailies show improvision of lines between takes along with chemistry between Leo/Darryl that I never noticed until now though the cast seemed to as they exclaim "are you two about to make out" in the All Halliwells Eve dailies.

-The S1 Blu ray is out and posted above is the menu you can expect to see once you get around to watching it!

-Enjoy the shows HD opening below

A fan is in the process of building their very own Halliwell Manor right down to the drive way.


Check out their process here

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