Pete Davidson is "unfazed" over Ariana Grande's Tweets

- Since Ariana's "EVISCERATING" Tweets @ Pete, there has been some apparent backlash and rumours about SNL pulling some of his skits.

- A source goes right in:
"It’s completely untrue that Pete got a skit about Ariana pulled from this weekend’s show. Anyone who knows SNL knows it’s still in the writing process even today, and no one knows what’s going on until dress rehearsal. Pete has always talked about his life on the show, and Ariana knows that. That’s where she met him in the first place. Pete’s unfazed. It’s true they’re not in agreement about things after the breakup. A lot of people thought he was the wild card in the relationship, but that’s not true. Pete has and will always joke about his life, with or without her.”