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Football Leaks: Secret Plans for Elite League of Top Clubs

- Michael Gerlinger - who is working at FC Bayern Munich (German team) - instructed the lawyers to find out if the team could withdraw from the German league, the Bundesliga, and whether they could stop its players to play for the national team in the future,

- 7 football clubs wanted to create a Super League in 2016,

- in a few days allegedly 16 top clubs were to sign a document to establish such a league,

- the league would begin operating in the 2021 season,

- 17 teams with the strongest TV presences from England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France would compete permanently,

- 18th participant would be a team from Portugal, Russia, the Netherlands or Turkey,

- clubs think they could achieve annual revenues of 500 million euro plus,

- Bayern Munich denies everything,

- all the information comes from Football Leaks platform who previously published player contracts, transfer agreements and sponsorship deals,

- top players had to pay millions in fines and back taxes because of it,

- Football Leaks has more than 70 million documents (over 3.4 terabytes of information),

- it's the largest data leak in history.

source: twitter

Tags: scandal, sports / athletes - soccer / football
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