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Madeleine Mantock gets real about Charmed

-She was partially drawn to the show because she would finally be able to take part in the action instead of playing the mother figure or be the regular character.

-Charmed (2018) is a mirror of what life is like in 2018 just as OG Charmed reflected what life was like in the 90s. They are a different show with a new take on the history from the OG. Many skeptical fans have since messaged her about how much they are enjoying the reboot.

-They have started to explore different cultures in the show and she wants to explore even more! She is excited that the sisters are from so many different cultures but she is not a fan of the term "Women of Color"

-The show only has 1 straight white male writer and they do in fact have a latin writer who is a witch (she is not sure if he refers to himself as wiccan). It is very exciting and refreshing to have such a big female presence bts,

-Not sure where the whole "Latina sisters" came from as the show was not casting for latina specific actresses. The character breakdowns infact did not have a race attached to them and she is not into taking roles from actresses. She has never claimed to be latina though people have looked at her and assumed that she was. She does believe that they probably could have done a better job of clearing up that misconception once it was brought to their attention.

-Charmed airs Sundays on TheCW at 9pm.

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