A Discovery of Witches Finale Thread & Season 2 + 3 Renewal Announcement

Start with the big news: A Discovery of Witches has been renewed for its next two seasons.

The press announcement surrounding it has been slightly unclear, but it sounds like they plan to do one season per book -- which means that it'll all be wrapped up by Season 3.

Originally there was some suggestion the show might go for 5 seasons in total, but given the uneven narrative of the last two books, I'm more than happy to have the producers and screenwriters clean up that storyline and give us something a little more fast-paced and coherent.

Now on to the finale!

A bunch of shit went down this episode. They did try to cram a LOT into the final hour (maybe this means the next 2 season should be 10 episodes? Please?

Here's a quick rundown:

- Juliette's dead, robbing us of the greatest potential ship that was Juliette & Domenico, but their hotness was too good for this world.

- Baldwin might not be a dick who hates his brother after all

- Sophie finally got to hand someone her dumb statue

- Hamish remains literally everyone's fave advice animal (although actor Greg McHugh says he's not in the next season!)

- lolol Matthew & Diana in their Elizabethan outfits

- OH yeah, and for those who didn't read the books, uh. We're changing setting next season in a big way.


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Is everyone caught up on episode 3, and have you ever studied the feeding habits of wolves to impress a date?