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A Spoiler About An Upcoming Episode Of The Walking Dead Leaves Fans Divisive

Since screeners of this Sunday's episode (9x05 'What Comes After) of The Walking Dead were sent out this week, TSDF (The Spoiling Dead Fans, a very accurate spoiler site for TWD) on Halloween night stated that the star of the show, Rick Grimes, death will remain open-ended, while before it was unclear if Rick actually died during the filming of episode 9x05 back in June of this year.

This is what happens to our hero:

UPDATE 10/31/18:
Ladies and gentlemen... Happy fucking Halloween. We have our answer regarding Rick’s fate. We’ll have a Q&A out sometime tomorrow with more details, but we know everyone is antsy for answers to the big question.
The answer is....
NOOOOOO!! HE LIVES!!!!! He will experience another close call on the bridge and everyone will believe he’s dead. However, we’ll learn that he actually survives and Jadis calls in the helicopter to take him UP UP UP far far away...

More info about what happens during his final scene:

4. Can you describe Rick’s interactions with the characters from the past? At least one of them?

The scene with Hershel is back at his farm. Rick apologizes for what happened to him, Beth, and Glenn and also for what he put Maggie through. Rick then says he's looking for his family. Hershel says that Rick's family isn't here. Then he tells Rick to wake up. Rick says the same thing to the other characters - that he's looking for his family. But he's told they aren't there. We are meant to assume he means his Lori and Carl family. But we realize that he is referring to his Michonne, Judith and the rest of the group family, and that's why Hershel said they weren't there.
The one with Shane was back at the scene where Rick was shot in the pilot episode. Shane is just being a dick, asking how his daughter's doing, etc. Shane then confesses that he's an asshole, but he had hoped some of it rubbed off on Rick, if only to harden him. Then Shane starts yelling that Rick needs to do what needs to be done.

5. Does the bridge hold?

Yes. Rick finally remembers what Daryl told him and leads the herd back to the camp (which has been vacated) with the hope the bridge will collapse. It doesn't. :facepalm:

6. How does Rick exit the show?

When the bridge holds, Rick notices a case of dynamite on the bridge. By this time, Maggie, Michonne, Carol, and several others arrive to help, but Rick thinks they're a delusion since he had a hallucination about them earlier. Rick fires a gunshot at the case of dynamite, and the bridge goes up in a fireball, while everyone looks on in horror. :nailbiting:

7. How does the episode end?

It ends with Jadis finding Rick near the bridge after the explosion, and she takes takes him with her on the helicopter.

8. Do we learn anything else about the helicopter people? What A and B mean?

No, not really. Jadis tells the guy on the radio something along the lines of, “I have a live one.” She might have also called Rick an A.

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