Babar Suhail (babarsuhail) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Babar Suhail

Is Marvel introducing the Young Avengers in Avengers 4?

Last week, it was revealed that 13 Reasons Why's Katherine Langford had shot scenes for Avengers 4. Many people believe her to be Kate Bishop.
Emma Fuhrmann will also reportedly play teenage Cassie Lang, Scott Lang's daughter who grows up to become Stature.
Ty Simpkins, who starred in Iron Man 3 is also returning in Avengers 4, who fans believe will become Iron Lad. Simpkins singned a 3 picture deal back in 2012, possibly for a solo Young Avengers movie.

Film critic, comic book writer and YouTuber Grace Randolph believes that Marvel is going to set up a solo Young Avengers movie with these characters.

She adds that Marvel might add siblings Speed and Wiccan, who are children of Scarlett Witch, and Hulkling. Hulkling and Wiccan are also one of the most popular gay couples featured in comics, and Kevin Feige also said in June that MCU will be adding new LGBTQ characters in coming years.


Comic books fans, which characters do you want to see in a possible Young Avengers movie?
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