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Gay Times Interview w/Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Chance Perdomo

On playing a pansexual warlock: "I was excited. It provides freedom artistically and creatively to be able to play someone who is representative of the world we live in. Not only is he an ethnic minority, but he’s also pansexual. We’ve already seen the narrative of the shirtless white man running through the jungle trying to save the day that’s often perpetuated in Hollywood, so it was freeing to play a more authentic narrative that we haven’t already seen."

On learning the definition of pansexual: "I had to be educated and informed on the definition of pansexual, and I’m glad I’m informed now so I can play Ambrose and not think of pansexuality, and just focus on his emotions and who he is as an individual. In terms of the narrative, his sexuality was put in the character description because it’s a very important part of his arc, the beginning, the middle and towards the end of the season."

On playing a visible LGBTQ character: "It’s very important because, what Netflix does well with this show, and Roberto and the show’s writers, is that they don’t use sexuality or ethnicity as a buzzword. Because the audience is so global, they try and get more accurate representation of the world we live in today. I think it’s so important to play Ambrose and – from the beginning – have him inform the world of his sexuality to show that it’s not a buzzword that requires a lot of thought.

On what he likes playing most about his character: "His mischief. I say mischief, but he gets into quite a bit of trouble, and it’s quite fun to play out. He’s like Loki from The Avengers. There’s a duality between his body and mind because he is effectively an old man in a young man’s body, so I have to try and have the sense of wisdom beyond my years come through in Ambrose. He’s been through a lot vicariously, because he’s been under house arrest, so he’s seen the world evolve and change without him, basically. Sabrina and Ambrose have a very loving and interesting relationship, but at the same time he’s her confidant, he’s her best friend, he is the Alfred to her Batman, partner in crime. He’s seen her grow up into a young woman, so it’s quite a complex but very important relationship they have together."

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