Today on The View: Meghan McCain Throws a Temper Tantrum & Joy Snatches Her Wig!

For so long we have waited for The View to become interesting again after Meghan's return from grief leave and the panel welcoming Autobot Abby Huntsman, and our prayers were finally answered today. When speaking about the pipe bombs sent to top Democrats/Trump critics to the massacre at the Pittsburgh Synagogue, Joy and Sunny put the blame, first and foremost, on Trump's rhetoric and the country needing stronger gun laws. Of course, Meghan being the gat toting pistol holding NRA card carrying member, jumped on Keith Ellison and Tomika Mallory meeting with Farrakhan.

Meghan made snide little comments like "you're not even looking at me so I don't know even know why I am bother" and "I thought we were gonna have commentary on civility and not on gun laws"

Whoopi interjects on Meghan and tries to keep the panel calm to which she responds by crossing her arms like a petulant 12 year old.

Round 2 came during the continued discussion about the bomber and syngogue shooters using social media to spew their hateful messaging and what responsibility social media platforms have. Joy immediately jumps in that the media should stop covering Trump's rally's where he spews his hateful rhetoric. Meghan responds sarcastically that "that's a logical response. We are talking about social media and not Trump's rally's." to which Joy bites her head off with "I jump to wherever I DAMN please", leaving Meghan shook and out for the count.

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Let's hope this spills over into the rest of the week!