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Script for failed Xena: Warrior Princess reboot leaked

-The script for the failed XWP reboot at NBC has been released!

-The script manages to stay true to Xena/Gabrielle while making some major changes from the original.

Breakdown of the pilot:

-Xena starts off a warlord working with Hercules who is also evil!

-Ioulus has been turned from Hercules bff into Hercules nephew.

-Xena is Hercules right hand woman and lover.

-After Hercules men attempt to kill an innocent woman/child after they win a battle, Xena lets the woman/child go. Hercules is pissed and deems Xena an enemy. She is beat and sent to die by being dragged to death by horse. Hercules keeps Xenas chakram as a trophy.

-We learn that as a child, Xena and her mother practically slaves and that Xenas mother died protecting Xena.

-After managing to free herself from the horse and on deaths door, Gabrielle comes across Xena and takes her to her village to heal.

-Gabrielle is still a bard and is good at telling stories. She tells a group of slavers attempting to take her/Xena that they have Leprosy and are contagious.

-Gabrielle is a red head and daughter of a blacksmith. Lila is still her sister and plays an active role in the pilot.

-As Gabrielle is nursing Xena back to health, Xena teaches Gabrielle how to defend herself with a staff.

-The local king comes to town needing someone to take the place of his daughter who has died. He chooses Gabrielle to take her place and Gabrielle is to be married off to a warlord to keep the peace. Gabrielle accepts so she can keep her family safe. She gets tatted up and becomes a princess.

-Hercules men come to take over, Xena returns to get Gabrielle/Lila to safety but are to late to get away. Xena fights Hercules men/Hercules. As she is about to get away with Gabrielle, Lila is in danger and Gabrielle tells Xena to save her as Gabrielle will be safe since they believe that she is the true princess. Xena saves Lila as Gabrielle is captured.

-Pilot ends on a cliffhanger as Xena returns to Gabrielles father claiming that she will save Gabby but she will need new armor. Gabrielles father creates Xenas iconic armor.

-Xena meets Argo during the invasion and takes Argo as her own. She still has her iconic battle cry and famous pinch.

Tags: 1990s, nostalgia, reboot / remake / revival, television

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