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Brazil's Drag Revolution - Drag Queens that are currently changing the POP landscape in Brazil

1. Pabllo Vittar

Pabllo started getting recognition for his drag and voice on a popular Brazilian tv show called 'Amor E Sexo'. This has helped him work with amazing people that were able to create with him the knockout POP song of 2017, K.O. The video has now over 300 million views:

Pabllo has now released his 2nd Album and the single Disk Me is currently topping the charts in Brazil:

2. Gloria Groove

Gloria Groove, is a singer, songwriter, rapper and a drag queen.
As a teenager, Daniel Garcia was already showcasing his talent as a singer in small clubs all over Brazil:

In drag Gloria transforms into a complete R&B Diva in a GORGEOUS music video below, directed by Felipe Sassi (This video can only be played in a new tab):

3. Lia Clark

The more traditional drag queen of the bunch with a more comedic tone, Lia brings her persona into the music and creates funny POP bangers similar to what you see with US drag queens:

4. Urias

Currently trying to get a name for herself for doing something completely different from her drag colleagues. Urias is already well known on the underground music scene and might blow up soon as talent is clearly not missing:

Hope you guys enjoy this post as I was a bit taken aback by how many people didn't know about drag culture outside of the US! Also fun fact, Pabllo is currently the most followed drag queen in the world ;)

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Tags: lgbtq / rights, music / musician, rupaul / drag race

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