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London Fields is a major bomb

  • The film has a long and tortured history, it was supposed to premiere at TIFF in 2015 but director Mathew Cullen sued the producers for fraud and for taking away final cut

  • The producers responded by saying he was a mess who couldn't stick to deadlines forcing them to edit it themselves

  • For some bizarre reason the producers then sued star Amber Heard in 2016 for $10 million by claiming she conspired with the director to change the script

  • Heard countersued by saying they forced her into nudity she never signed off on

  • The suit between the producers and Heard was finally settled this year allowing the film to be released

  • It currently is at 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

  • Alleged domestic abuser Johnny Depp apparently makes a cameo

  • Amber Heard's character is a 34 year old woman who can't stand the idea of turning 35 and hires a hitman to kill her

  • For some reason this was given a small wide release in just over 600 theatres and made $261 per theatre

  • If the number holds it will be the worst wide release since Proud American, a 2008 film about the founding of Walmart and Coca-Cola


ONTD have you seen this mess?
Tags: amber heard, box office, fail, flop, johnny depp

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