According to Astrology: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson May Have Had Too Much Passion

The article starts off by getting their signs mixed lmao. Pete Davidson is a Scorpio and Ariana Grande is a Cancer.
▹▹ Based on their signs, their relationship was an emotional rollercoaster.
▹▹ A source says reconciliation is not off the table given their "unpredictable" history.

Courtney Perkins of @notallgeminis says, "Cancer and Scorpio can be an amazing match because it’s so passionate. They’re extremely intuitive and tend to thrive on assured commitment. Two water signs together guarantee a deep, emotional bond, but also sometimes drown when things get too intense without a foundation to fall back on."

Pete Davidson getting a lot of Ariana-appreciation tattoos is credited to the Scorpio's possessiveness. Their relationship had a lot of passion, both good and bad.

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do you believe everything you read?