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Charlie Cox talks about THAT Daredevil fight

Season 3 of Daredevil premiered this past Friday on Netflix and includes the most insane fight sequence the show has done yet (and maybe in all of TV) in its fourth episode.

Charlie Cox talks to the source how it all went down. Spoilers for the episode from here on out:

Background: Wilson Fisk is almost killed while in prison. He strikes a deal with the FBI, being released from jail into protective custody after ratting out an Albanian gang he claims was responsible for his attack and promising to rat more people out in the future.

Matt uses Foggy's identity to hit up the prison to get dirt on the gang and why Fisk would target them, hoping to invalidate the deal Fisk struck. Turns out Fisk knows Matt's there and tells Matt he isn't letting his threat against Vanessa go and sends inmates and guards after him. From here we get an 11-minute single-take sequence where Matt fights these guys off, finds the gang leader and learns Fisk orchestrated his own attack, and uses the gangs help to escape.

-- Cox says the entire day before shooting the scene was used for rehearsal, which apparently Marvel has never done before with big action sequences. The entire crew was involved since one little mixed up by anyone would ruin the scene and they would have to start all over.
-- He didn't believe the scene was achievable, believing editing cheats would be used later to make it seem like it was all one-shot. There were points where they could hide a cut or two if they really had to, but the only edit was brightening up spots to really empathize it was one-take.
-- Shot the scene a few times with a couple of rough starts. Got it done the first take back after lunch. People cheered after it was finished.
-- Cox hopes the stunt team is recognized for their work at the Emmys next year.


im quaking! what are your favorite fight scenes ontd??
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