ONTD Halloween Original™: Tips to Help You Survive a Bear Attack 🐻

Prophecy © 1979 Paramount Pictures

"That's because he's smarter than the average bear."
- from the "The Yogi Bear Show" theme song

Although they may be round and cuddly-looking in memes and GIFs, bears are not something you want to run into while camping or hiking. The chances of being attacked are slim (for instance, 1 in 2.1 million if you visited Yellowstone Park), but you should be ready. So here are some basic tips if you ever decide to visit the great outdoors.

Grizzly Park © 2008 American World Pictures

Identify the Type of Bear

Just like people are different from one another, not every bear behaves or reacts the same way. There are black bears, grizzly/brown bears, polar bears, etc. Some rules for dealing with bears are universal, but then some aren't. Like playing dead may work for brown bears. Fighting back, however, could be your best option with black bears. Polar bears are tougher to beat unfortunately.

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