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Jumping Trains

BTS (with only 5 1/2 members) make UK TV debut on Graham Norton, somehow survive London

After completing two sold-out nights at the 20k capacity O2 Arena in London, BTS finally made their UK TV debut on the Graham Norton Show, closing out a pretty catastrophic UK trip where two members were injured and a heavily promoted interview with Capital FM was axed because their interviewer, Roman Kemp, had previously insulted their music.

After Jungkook injured his foot and then Jimin's neck seized up on the morning of the Norton shoot, they ended up doing only minimal choreography as a 5, with Jungkook mostly sitting down. In the interview, the crowd was stupid as hell, Jin jumped off the chair in search of a camera to hand-kiss and then Whoopi Goldberg awkwardly gave them the shirt off her back. They continue to win.

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To all people still wondering 'why BTS??!!?!', it's probably worth noting the charisma and energy they still had (ahem, Taehyung) without choreo.
Tags: cpop / jpop / kpop, graham norton, live performance
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