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ONTD Original: Today is Oct 14. In Memoriam of 2% of the population that vanished and 'The Leftovers

In case you forgot, Oct. 14 marks the date we remember when 2% of the population mysteriously vanished from the world in 'The Leftovers', the most criminally underated show of the last few years.

Let's take a look at the 5 best moments of 'The Leftovers' that i could find in youtube.

5. The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)
Kevin destroyed the International Assassin universe. From him becoming president, having a twin, using his penis to enter the military base, killing his twin, Patty as his companion and destroying the worlds. It's one entire mindfuck of an hour.

4. Kevin Comes Home.
At the end of season 2, Kevin comes back to life and Miracle is raided but the crazy fans. In the end, Kevin returns to his home to find his entire family. It's such a powerful scene, since everyone had their own story and even hated each other, but got together in the end.

3. International Assasin.
Everytime Kevin died and woke up in the International Assasin universe, it was when the show was at it's best. Particulary when Kevin had to kill Patty as a kid.

2. What really happened.
From the beginning the show said that we'd never find out what happened to the people that vanished. Yet they revealed it at the very end during Kevin and Nora's final conversation. She went to a parallel earth where the vanished people lived and she found her kids.

1. JILL!!!!!!
The guilty remnant's house was burning down and Laurie breaks her non-speaking commitment to tell Kevin that their daughter is in the fire.

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ONTD, Do you miss The Leftovers?
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