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THR examines the out of control spending of Hollywood stars

  • Nicholas Cage spent $276,000 on a tyrannosaur skull, outbidding Leonardo DiCaprio. Not to be deterred DiCaprio contacted a commercial paleontologist and bought another one later

  • Leonardo DiCaprio also spent $150,000 on a pet octopus

  • Cage reportedly blew through a $150 million fortune. Johnny Depp spent over $650 million and is now famous for his poor monetary choices

  • THR asked psychologists why stars are so bad with money and they basically blamed it on (what else?) poor parenting as well as a pathological need for love and the fact that a lot of stars are emotionally stunted and keep delusionally thinking that the money train will keep rolling forever. According to Hollywood financial managers men are worse than women at handling their finances.


ONTD what is the most ridiculous purchase you've ever made?
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