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Ryan Lochte Rehab RoundUp

Thursday afternoon

- Rear ended car in front of him
- 55 year old driver was taken to the hospital for non life threatening injuries
-Alcohol wasn't a factor
- Was citied for careless driving

Later that night @ 3 am

- Got wasted
- Tried to kick down his hotel room door
- Cops were called no arrest were made
- Lawyer said Lochte has been battling alcohol addiction for a long time and was seeking help ASAP.
- Still planning on making the olympic team for Tokyo 2020 despite this & his 14 month long ban for an illegal IV


- Went to a football game with his wife


- Was spotted checking into out patient rehab
- Spoke to the paps on his way out said 'I love my fans, I'll be back'
- Spoke to the paps again while in his car said 'I started today and don't worry fans, I'll be back on top. I love you guys.'


- Is under going counseling for alcohol use
- Is not in rehab "Because the professionals who evaluated him said it's not what he needs to do"
- Is training for Tokyo 2020
- The decision to seek help has nothing to do with the aforementioned drama
- Lawyer said "Ryan will make the decision on whether to drink on not"

Rocks Paper Siccor ..... Jeah
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