Tyler Hoechlin Roundup!

ONTD fav, Tyler Hoechlin, was spotted this week with Alexandra Daddario filming a scene for the upcoming rom-com "Can You Keep A Secret?" in New York.



In other news, his bodybuilder biopic is released in theaters tomorrow. However, it appears to be a limited release in big cities (the usual NY, LA, etc.)
It is not known at this time if it will expand as a slow roll out, or quickly be available digitally, as is the trend of a lot of smaller movies lately.


Moving onto other upcoming releases, his (shelved?) 2012 independent movie "Melvin Smarty" will be released digitally on October 19th (if you contribute to the films Indiegogo campaign), and November 19th on Vimeo-On-Demand for everyone else.
OP still believes this movie looks terrible, but may give it look for TyHo. Maybe.


And to wrap things up, the busy actor has also been filming his Netflix Sci-Fi series "Another Life" in Vancouver , and is set to reprise his role as Superman in the CW series "Super Girl" soon.

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