Christina Aguilera reveals Perez Hilton sabotaged Bionic (+ Perez responds and admits it)

Christina Aguilera stopped by Andy's radio show to discuss her tour, new record, and iconographic career. When the topic turned to her 2010 album 'Bionic', the singer admitted there was some behind-the-scenes sabotage by blogger Perez Hilton who undermined and trashed the album daily on his website, often pinning her against Lady Gaga.

Clip of the conversation below (starts at 1:10):

- Perez admits to sabotaging Bionic at the request of his former friend Lady Gaga, who he says was constantly accusing other artists of copying her.

- He goes on to say Gaga helped bury Natalia Kills career because Natalia was working with the same producers on the same label as Gaga.

- Says Gaga banned RedOne from working with other pop artists like Katy Perry who she felt were competition.

- Apologizes to Christina and says he (and Gaga) were both intoxicated by fame.

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