'HALLOWEEN' 🎃 Jamie Lee Curtis responds to Fox News + Jimmy Kimmel appearance w/ new clip

Yesterday, Fox News attacked Jamie Lee Curtis for being an anti-gun advocate, despite using guns in the new Halloween film.

The 'report' got a lot of backlash, even from Dictionary.com.

Jamie Lee tells USA Today that the Fox News report is 'silly' and they didn't ask her for her what she really thinks, which might suprise them.

"I fully support the Bill of Rights. And fully support the Second Amendment. And have absolutely no problem with people owning firearms if they have been trained, licensed, a background check has been conducted, a pause button has been pushed to give time for that process to take place. And they have to renew their license just like we do with automobiles – which are weapons also."

She continued saying that the character of Laurie is the type of person to use firearms. She says, "I was very clear with the filmmakers that she used the weapons (that) were intended for self-defense for her and her family."

Halloween opens in theaters on October 19th!