ONTD Halloween Original™: 10 Movies About Bigfoot & Other Similar Cryptids

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"Have pity on them all, for it is we who are the real monsters."
- Bernard Heuvelmans, On the Track of Unknown Animals

What lurks out there in the wilderness? Where humans have for the most part vacated for modern conveniences. Every year, there are reports of people seeing tall, bipedal creatures of unknown origin around the world. In the U.S., specifically the Pacific Northwest region. Are we to believe that something as large as these supposed creatures has simply skirted by for decades, maybe longer, without being officially documented? Some say "Yes." Others are understandably skeptical.

Even if there is no tangible proof of Bigfoot's existence, that doesn't stop filmmakers from making countless movies about the animals. Overwhelmingly, these same movies are based in horror and feature the beast attacking or defending itself from humans. Just goes to show that in the end, we are far more dangerous than these beasts of legend.

So here are only ten movies about Bigfoot and other similar cryptids.

Directed by Charles B. Pierce

A documentary-style look at life in Fouke, Arkansas, home to the elusive Fouke Monster.

This mockumentary was way ahead of its time. It is a slow burn that focuses too much on the humans than the cryptid in question, but there's no denying the unsettling atmosphere in this one. The Legend of Boggy Creek was did so well at the box office ($25 million earned on a $100,000 budget) that it was the 10th highest-grossing film of 1972. Good luck finding a good quality print of this movie as many reproductions are downright unwatchable, or maybe just wait for a remastered release.

Directed by Jonas Quastel

When a billionaire's daughter goes missing after her plane crashed in the Pacific Northwest, he constructs a team of experts to find her. In their quest, though, they come across something they never expected. Something elusive and legendary.

For some reason, Lance Henriksen has done at least four horror movies about Bigfoot. Why? Maybe he's a believer. This 2002 movie also goes by the better name of The Untold. The beast here resembles a very tall, bipedal ape with patchy fur. It looks nothing like the one on the poster. The creature's suit itself isn't great, but they do give the titular monster an ability that is both odd and unique. Sasquatch has a large cast, many of whom are for the most part flatly written with a few notable characteristics. This isn't the most dreadful Bigfoot movie, but there are better ones.

Directed by Ryan Schifrin

A paraplegic man who lost his wife in a tragic accident is brought to his cabin to deal with the trauma he's suffered. There, he notices something in the trees watching the group of young women staying in the house next door. Once he realizes what's out there, he tries to warn the women before it's too late.

Abominable is 1/3 slasher, 1/3 creature feature, and 1/3 poor man's Rear Window. Despite the silly plot, the movie is more watchable than not. The practical effects are good considering the budget was presumably modest at best. There is some mild suspense and the two protagonists give admirable performances.

Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait

A man and his girlfriend visit Willow Creek, the site where the first footage Bigfoot was supposedly filmed. As they camp out, the couple realizes there is some truth to the myth after all.

Do you know who Bobcat Goldthwait is? Yeah, that guy. Well, he directed and wrote this. He also directed the controversial God Bless America. But Willow Creek is more tame than that. For most of the movie, it's just the couple arguing or being scared. Once the payoff comes, though, you have to decide if it was worth the wait or not. One of the leads, Bryce Johnson, appears in an episode of Bobcat Goldthwait's horror anthology series Misfits & Monsters by the way.

Directed by Dan Riesser

A man and his girlfriend visit her hometown, where their relationship becomes threatened during a hunt for Bigfoot.

It seems to be customary for Bigfoot movies to show the beast as little as possible. In a way, that is more effective. Especially if the Bigfoot costume looks mediocre. Stomping Ground is mostly a drama until the last act, which is when Bigfoot finally pops up. And the creature suit is rather good, too.

Directed by Corey Grant

A disgraced reporter tries to prove that a hunter, who claims to have a Bigfoot body in his possession, is lying.

This is one Bigfoot movie that takes a really strange yet intriguing turn near the end. Pay close attention because this is a weird one.

Directed by Eduardo Sánchez

A group of friends traveling to a cabin deep in some Texas woods are stalked by a Bigfoot.

It should be no surprise that the director of The Blair Witch Project made this a found-footage movie. Is it as good as his debut? No, not at all. But it remains to be one of the better Bigfoot horror movies so far. The biggest gripe would be the film showing so much of the cryptid that there is no mystery or suspense left by the end.

Directed by Opie Cooper

Three students spending the night in an abandoned jail for charity are suddenly left unsupervised. Not to mention vulnerable as there's a dangerous beast lurking about.

If you can make it past the stale opening sequence that goes on for too long, Big Bad is an enjoyable indie adventure comedy. It has mild horror elements to it, but the humor is what makes it such a charming gem.

Directed by Justin Lee

A man whose wife inexplicably disappeared in the Pacific Northwest forests returns there to find answers and closure.

This a grim Bigfoot flick that takes itself too seriously. Especially the ending that seems like they're setting up some kind of Avengers-like sequel.

Directed by Patick Magee

A newly reunited couple stumbles upon trouble when driving through the Pacific Northwest.

No, this is not based on the video game of the same name. It is a Bigfoot movie without Bigfoot. Well, the creature in the movie is a creature called Oh-mah (or U'mah/O'mah). There is a famous statue in Willow Creek, California of the creature. The carving was done by Jim McClarin. Oh-mah is from Hupa and Yurok folklore, and it is believed the race of creatures is similar to Bigfoot, but is more dangerous and human-like in behavior. The movie Primal Rage probably chose to use Oh-mah so that they could have the monster perform archery and wear masks when hunting. Yeah. Proceed at your own risk.

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