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The rape culture of the 1980s, explained by Sixteen Candles

-The film Sixteen Candles is a revered teen classic of the 1980s. However, several decades later the films stance on racism, classism, and date rape in particular are abominable and despicable depictions of those matters.

-"Sixteen Candles, Porky's, Revenge of the Nerds, The Breakfast Club, Animal House. Your favorite '70s and '80s movies helped to not only condone rape culture, but normalize it."-Diana Crandall (Writer for Forbes, Washington Post, and The Atlantic)

-Comedies from the 1980s presents serious subject matter and turns it into a montage that makes light of the situation. It presents the notion that if you're friendly with that person, then those rapes are just harmless jinks which is wrong on every level.

-In the film, Jake Ryan is presented as a teen/dream idol in the 1980s, but he’s also an accessory to date rape when he hands over a female character who is visibly drunk over to his friend played by Anthony Michael Hall. The film presents it as Caroline's fault and something of a joke.
-Jake Ryan presents the epitome of a fantasy that it instantly made Sixteen Candles iconic, and for decades was seen as the ideal dream boy of every teenage girl’s deepest fantasies.

-“She had to have a feeling about it, rather than a thought,” wrote Molly Ringwald in the New Yorker last year, in a long, empathetic reexamination of her work with John Hughes, “because thoughts are things we have when we are conscious, and she wasn’t.”
-"The dominant cultural narrative at the time of Brett Kavanaugh’s high school experience was the one offered by Sixteen Candles."

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Tags: 1980s, ava duvernay, film, politics, sexual misconduct

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