Christina Aguilera's Liberation Tour Kicked Off Yesterday: Highlights

Post will contain setlist spoilers! While she did promote the Liberation Tour in her interview with Jimmy Kimmel but videos of her talking about other artists were posted for gossip sake, Xtina began her first tour in over 10 years since the Back to Basics album cycle. The #fighters rejoiced in the fact she's actually doing the whole tour thing, and not just for billionaires. And as she promised, she did include a nice run of her catalog. Here are some highlights-

Liberation Songs
She performed "Maria", "Sick of Sittin", "Deserve", "Accelerate", "Twice", and "Unless It's With You". "Right Moves" was used as an interlude. #JusticeForPipe #JusticeForLikeIDo

Xtina broke down during her speech for "Twice" and the song's meaning about her troubled childhood reminding her to put her kids as her priority.

Chaps revival
She did a variation of the chaps on her last tour, but brought the 'Dirrty' chaps back.

Burlesque Soundtrack, her semi-justice
She used the intro of "Express" as an intro to "Lady Marmalade". At least one of the stars of Burlesque remembers this cult classic.

"Gay Rights!" - Jennifer Lawrence
There was an on stage proposal after Xtina's fitting song "Unless It's With You". She did NOT leave Lotus out of the tour, and performed "Let There Be Love" for the encore.

New Music
In this video interlude, there was a new song called "Welcome to my Wonderland" or "Wonderland". Xtina hinted before she might perform or showcase unreleased cuts, and this sounds like it was from the Liberation sessions.

Xtina debuts a live performance of the underrated gem "Elastic Love" in a Bionic medley, also including "Woohoo" and "Bionic".

Genie In A Bottle
Sick of Sittin'
Can't Hold Us Down
Right Moves Intro
Elastic Love + Woohoo + Bionic
Lady Marmalade
Ain't No Other Man
Wonderland Intro
Say Something
It's a Man's World
Dreamers Intro
Fall In Line
Unless It's With You
Let There Be Love

Legends we've come a long way

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