JKR is at it again: Nagini was human all along

A series of character posters and the final trailer for the upcoming sequel to Fantastic Beasts were revealed today, and one of them brought along a plot twist. Rowling went to Twitter to answer to some comments about the movie and today's reveal:

Nagini, according to Harry Potter wikia, "was a female human Maledictus, with the ability to transform into a snake. By 1927, she was a featured attraction in a wizarding circus owned by Skender, where she befriended Credence Barebone." OP doesn't know what that means because she hasn't cared about HP byproducts since The Cursed Child spoilers, but sure.

Some people, however, aren't happy by the implications (but lbr, most other fans are happy because they still love JKR's shit)...

Also, there was apparently a gay Dumbledore moment in the trailer, with Albus staring into the Erised Mirror and seeing non!Depp Grindewald. Homophobia is over.

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