Is a culture crackdown happening in China?

- none of the western outlets can reach Fan Bingbing or her agent,

- a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry said this is not a question of diplomacy,

- The Beijing Public Security Bureau declined to comment,

- the ruling Communist Party’s wants movie stars, pop bands and online celebrities to endorse socialist values,

- new movie promotion law states that entertainers need to pursue both professional excellence and moral integrity,

- state-run media have begun using phrases such as “tainted artists”,

- stars who behave badly (take drugs, gamble or visit prostitutes) will be allegedly banned,

- Beijing Trade Association for Performances wrote a letter saying they will "purify" the city and guide the artists,

- some bands had to change names,

- video game makers had to add patriotic elements,

- for the first time Chinese stars were ranked in order of their social responsibility (it is also including their moral conduct),

- Fan Bingbing got zero points,

- actors and artists were used to favorable tax treatment but many of them are self-checking their taxes after Fan went missing.

source: twitter