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ONTD Original: 5 Minor Love Interests That Should've Stayed (Television)

In life, some things just have to end... but if we're not talking reality, THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO. Whether these minor/supporting characters were just little dates or mini crushes that momentarily happened, we were hooked on the chemistry.

Some of these relationships did not end up working probably for sudden stupid reasons... and maybe these #FiveGuys🍔 should've stayed. 😬

💔 Gavin from Friends

I'm team anti-Ross and anti-Get-Off-The-Plane, and I was kinda here for Rachel's co-worker Gavin Mitchell (Dermot Mulroney). They started off as a elementary school type of crush where they teased each other in the beginning. Despite his smugness, we stan Gavin for his sarcastic humor, because he was hotter than Ross, and for those special moments where he was showing his sensitive and polite side.

Did he leave for the right reason? The Ross/Rachel relationship was a mess no one should have to be involved in, so I guess yes. But Rachel + Gavin, the true otp

💔 Dave from Gilmore Girls

We all know Lane was done dirty with how she ended up, including this relationship being #sabotaged because Dave Rygalski had to move away. Dave, played by Adam Brody, was the true unproblematic male of all Gilmore Girls, agreed? He was a music nerd, was a good #Christian boy (fitting for Lane's mom), and worked hard to get Ms. Kim's approval.

Did he leave for the right reason? College? anyways... #JusticeForLane #JusticeForDave

💔 Tyler from That's So Raven

In this That's So Raven ep Psychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy, Raven gets inspired by a makeover show, so she makeovers an artsy classmate Tyler who apparently has a crush on her. She found out she was being crushed on through a vision, but they never confronted each other about it. Raven made sure they stayed friends because she was prejudgemental. The gag was that he cleaned up GOOD.

Not only that, he was really nice and also a talented illustrator. IMO Raven could have had a long lasting relationship with a creative counterpart like herself, unlike being divorced now (jk we love Devon).

Did he leave for the right reason? The blame is on Raven's part. That flip book vision that was revealed true at the very end of the episode broke our hearts. It's all in the timing.

💔 Josh from Bob's Burgers

Josh (Ben Schwartz) sparked chemistry with Tina when they met in the milk aisle at a grocery store non-face-to-face, and grew fond for each other exclusively through conversation. They met again before their upcoming school dances where Josh invites Tina for his dance, but earlier before that Tina asked Jimmy Jr., only to get an indefinite answer. Jimmy Jr. was pressed that Tina had another option and only wanted to take her out once he found out about Josh.

Did he leave for the right reason? I never understood why Tina liked Jimmy Jr. so much when he's always disinterested. Then you give a romantic, nice, and talented dancer like Josh who actually likes Tina... and she's conflicted? This is self-hate.

💔 Grant from Happy Endings

Everybody loves Grant, who was played by James Wolk. Grant was smart, stylish, handy, environmental friendly, charming... everything Max probably needed but did not deserve. His only issue was that he 'cared too much of what people thought of him' but that worked out for the most part.

Did he leave for the right reason? WELL they broke up because Grant was for sure he didn't want kids in the future, while Max did not want to rule out that possibility. YES they broke it off for the right reasons because kids are a big decision factor for couples, but we'll miss Grant... and Happy Endings... and also #JusticeForPete who wanted to elope.
I guess Happy Endings were mature in dealing with their characters' wants and needs, unlike in Friends where Mike had to cough up that proposal to Phoebe last minute.

ONTD are you still unsettled and shipping any tv relationships that SHOULD'VE worked out?

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