Tamar Braxton Opens up to Wendy Williams

- She's dating someone for 3 months now. Her and Vince split cause it was time for her to focus on her happiness.
- At the 10 min mark she opens up about her childhood and admits she was molested by both sides of her family but doesn't go into any other detail
-  Iyanla Vanzant for the Fix Your Life series her family did with her brought up the topic without Tamar's consent, and essentially shamed Tamar for it, so Tamar walked out of the taping
- Wendy flat out asks about her mom saying Vince abused her (Tamar), she says "that's not true".
- "My mom was born in the 40s so her interpretation of abuse is yelling and screaming and throwing remote controls. There was no type of abuse. If there was some type of abuse I would say."