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ONTD Investigates: Who is the untalented member of One Direction?


Songwriter and Producer Savan Kotecha appeared on a podcast called And The Writer Is... where he discussed his time working with One Direction. He was behind many of their hit songs including What Makes You Beautiful, Kiss You and Live While We're Young. However after their second album Up All Night, the boy band were unhappy with the music they were making and Savan only contributed one song to their third album Midnight Memories.

Savan explained what went wrong while adding a blind item for ONTD members to speculate on:

"I think by album three, they — not all of them, but there was one or two, one especially — that was bitter about that fact [that they were a boy band]. And this particular one — he was not the talented one, he wasn’t the singer, he wasn’t the starhe started having something against me and [the other writers] and against that process.”

Who was he talking about? Here are our clues:

Clue #1

It's not Harry Styles
. In the same appearance on the podcast, Savan says of Harry:

"With Harry it was really interesting, because from album two you really saw that he was a fucking good writer. We did a song together for the third album — the only thing we did for the third album — called ‘Happily’, which I’m really proud of and I think he is as well… he was really great at bringing ideas.”

Clue #2

Was Savan sincere when he called this article GREAT? Or was he being shady with this response to One Direction member Louis Tomlinson's interview.

By Louis' defintion of his two bandmates, Zayn and Harry are not the ones Savan was talking about.

Clue #3

In another quote from Savan from the podcast, he says: "Maybe we could have been more inviting on the creative process on album two, and not been so authoritative."

Considering our mysterious and untalented member was unhappy with the band's music styling and edged out the writers from previous albums, perhaps they contributed more to the last 3 albums. Except for Harry - who we've ruled out - let's examine the songwriting credits for the 1D members:

Up All Night:
Liam: 3
Niall: 3
Louis: 3
Zayn: 3

Take Me Home:
Liam: 3
Niall: 2
Louis: 3
Zayn: 2

Midnight Memories:
Liam: 8
Niall: 2
Louis: 9
Zayn: 1

Liam: 8
Niall: 2
Louis: 8
Zayn: 3

Made In the A.M:
Liam: 4
Niall: 1
Louis: 6

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ONTD, who do you think is the untalented one in One Direction? And what is your favourite 1D drama?
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