Cardi B's Red Shoe has given Nicki Minaj the attention she desperately seeks

Roman Zolanski was on her way to faded obscurity but made recent headlines thanks to a red shoe. Roman Zolanski, has suffered a huge decline when no one was checking for her 123425423 features, had resorted to a collabo with a parrot looking pedophile for a hit working with child abusers runs in the miraj familyand roman continued to humiliate herself by throwing an atomic tantrum over her shitty album debuting at #2.

Roman was known to be a major bully and villain in the industry by blackballing events, producers and djs if people on Romans shitlist were present. Many artists have came out and exposed Roman for the shit person that she is. Cardi B, was not one to hold back and confront Roman about her sneak disses and menacing motives to ruin Cardi's career and reputation. Kulture's mother went over to Roman so she can catch a fade but Roman was behind 7 security guards.

Thanks to Cardi, interest was sparked back to Roman. The Queen radio program which Roman spoke about Cardi and her need to seek help for Post partum topped Apple's Music Chart not 86 countries. Views for Roman's latest single had decent viewing figures. Roman should be thanking Cardi for relevancy because the Barbz aren't buying her music, bundles or tour tickets.