Henry Cavill is parting ways with Warner Bros. and Superman; Michael B. Jordan could replace him

  • Warner Bros. wanted Henry Cavill to have a cameo on Shazam!, but after contract talks between his team and Warners broke down, it appears that he won't be playing Superman in the future.

  • The studio is focusing on making a Supergirl movie, but they want it to be an origin story with a teenager Kara, which means that Clark would be a kid and they wouldn't need Cavill anymore.

  • The article also confirms once again that Ben Affleck won't be playing Batman anymore.

  • According to a studio insider, Warner Bros. is planning on hitting the reset bottom on the DC cinematic universe because they're finally recognizing that their movies aren't working.

  • According to Deadline's report, Warner Bros. has considered casting Michael B. Jordan as Superman down the road, but the studio's top priority at the moment is Supergirl.

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