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Happy (Belated) Birthday Tyler Hoechlin!

Yes it's true!
31 years ago today yesterday (September 11, 1987)  in  (boring ass) Corona, CA
the world was blessed with the birth of none other than bae-wolf himself:

Tyler Lee Hoechlin!


Tyler has been (sort of) quoted as saying that he does not usually like to celebrate his bday on the actual day anymore, as he
"feels bad celebrating something on such a horrible day in history".
He opts for something small with family if need be, saving the true celebration for before or after.

I 100% appreciate that sentiment, but I still want to take a moment to appreciate him~

Birthday shoutouts from ex Teen Wolf co-stars and good friends:



Some quick fun facts about TyHo (for those who are only lite fans:)

  • He has 3 siblings (An older sister, brother, & 1 younger brother)

  • For his role as "Alpha Derek" in Teen Wolf, he had to gain about 15 pounds of pure muscle

  • Some of his favorite sports teams are the Chicago Cubs, the LA Kings & Dodgers AND the Anaheim Angels (what kind of Switzerland kween?!) He also stans the USC football team. Basically, he's as SoCal as you can fucking get.

  • Turned down the role of Emmett Cullen in the Twilight franchise because he was more dedicated to baseball at the time

  • His favorite foods are Mexican & Italian (un muchacho after my own heart!)

Tyler's next project 'Bigger' (a biographical look at how brothers Joe (Hoechlin) & Ben Weider launched a fitness empire and along the way discovered Arnold Schwarzenegger) will have it's premiere in Las Vegas this Wednesday (September 13th) to coincide with the Mr. Olympia competition that was created by the Weider brothers themselves. The film is set to hit theaters October 13th.

Some new promo shots:


Tyler is currently in Vancouver filming his next project, the upcoming Netlfix sci-fi series 'Another Life'.

Sorry this is a late post! Get those thirst gifs in!
(,mods I'm a dumb, I didn't realize I had done that =_= sorry!)

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