Nicki Minaj has not paid Geoffery Owens a dime of the money she publicly pledged to him

Geoffery Owens who is a former 'Cosby Show' star took a gig at Trader Joe's and was shamed for it publicly when a photo of him working went viral on the internet.

Nicki decided to be "charitable" and announced she would be donating 25k to him after the incident blew up.

On Monday she discussed her pledge ... saying she was having a tough time getting in touch with Owens' team but sources say Geoffrey's team hasn't heard a peep, and are easily reachable.

Owens does not want any hand outs and if Nicki does send him money he wants to donate it to his favorite charities.

Do you think Nicki will pay up or was this just an attempt to get some good press?

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