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Bachelor in Paradise's Jordan responds to cheating allegations

*Jordan, male model and the best confessional artist Bachelor Nation has ever seen, has been devastated by information that showing Jenna has been cheating on him.

*Reality Steve posted a series of text messages to his blog, allegedly between Jenna and the man she has been having an affair with all summer, while her romance with Jordan, and then Benoit, and then Jordan again played out on national TV.

*In the text messages, Jenna says that she "can't wait to put you in my mouth" and declares that everything between she and Jordan is a lie, that she is better than he is, and she plans to dump him after the show by making up a story about him to make him look bad.

*Jordan says Jenna became very nervous when Reality Steve teased a story on Monday that someone within the cast would be revealed as a fraud. Jordan tried to assure her she had nothing to worry about....then he read the posted messages.

*While Jenna has released a statement saying the allegations are false and she wants to focus on her relationship with Jordan, Jordan says he can tell from the texts that they were indeed written by her. While he doesn't declare that they have broken up, he says he is sickened and heartbroken by the allegations.

Just focus on building your bro-mance with Grocery Store Joe, Jordan!
joe jordan.gif

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