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LGBT ally Chloe Moretz takes on gay conversion therapy

Chloe Moretz, star of The Miseducation of Cameron Post, has now sold her own docuseries on the subject of gay conversion therapy in America to a major company.

In The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Moretz plays Cameron, a girl sent to a Christian gay conversion camp after she is caught having sex with another girl. Moretz herself grew up in a "conservative southern baptist community" and was no stranger to the concept of "praying the gay away" prior to her involvement in the film (a belief neither she nor her family espoused).

However, it wasn't until she was preparing for her role as Cameron that she became aware of the "modernity of the issue of gay conversion in America", describing it as a "silent epidemic that, now more than ever, especially under our administration, is growing in traction." Inspired by her turn as Cameron Post, Moretz is now fighting to put a stop to gay conversion, with her docuseries dedicated to "exposing the realities" of gay conversion therapies.

Moretz also took the opportunity to comment on ongoing tensions between trans and non trans individuals in the LGBT community, stating, "I think what’s going on against the trans community is really devastating and incredibly dark ... The way they are being ostracised is different to other layers in the community. We all need to stand together, because trans lives matter. We all need to stand together in unison, because they can’t take us down if we all do that.”

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